YouTube rumoured to be launching a feature to rival TikTok before the end of 2020

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by Josh Peachey

YouTube is reportedly working on a shortform video-sharing feature, called 'Shorts', to rival the extremely popular TikTok app.

Shorts will apparently live inside the YouTube mobile app and is rumoured to be launching before the end of 2020, according to The Information. 

The feature seems likely to mimic TikTok with a feed of super-short videos that act as an alternative to longer-form videos. 

As it will live inside the YouTube app, Shorts users will be able to make use of the established platform's extensive library of licensed music and soundtracks when making videos. 

Those who have downloaded the YouTube app will automatically have access to Shorts, and YouTube creators who have built up millions of subscribers on their channels won't have to convince their fanbase to migrate over to another app for more content.

Google, YouTube's parent company, was rumoured to be in talks to acquire a TikTok competitor called Firework, the Wall Street Journal reported in October 2019.

With nearly two billion downloads, TikTok has become the go-to launchpad for memes and internet culture since it was launched by Chinese-based company ByteDance in September 2017. 

The only similar platform to have found comparable success in the US is, which ByteDance acquired in 2017 before shutting it down to merge it into TikTok.