Premier League live-streaming helps Amazon to become fastest-growing video-on-demand service

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by Josh Peachey

Amazon Prime has overtaken Netflix as the fastest-growing video-on-demand service in the UK thanks to the service streaming Premier League matches.

The fast growth, thought to be from football fans joining the service, helped it record its best year for adding new subscribers since it launched six years ago.

Amazon Prime Video subscriber numbers jumped by 35% year-on-year in the fourth quarter, to 7.14m homes, coinciding with its debut broadcast of 20 Premier League matches.

In the UK, Netflix is still the biggest subscription video-on-demand service with 12.35m homes subscribing at the end of last year after annual growth of 20%. Prime Video was in 5.28m households at the end of 2018.

Amazon attracted a total of 1.86m new subscribers to Prime Video in 2019, the most since the service launched in the UK in 2014, according to figures from Barb, the UK TV ratings body. 

Sky’s Now TV saw subscriber numbers drop by 8% between Q3 and Q4, to 1.69m.
Q4 of 2019 saw more than half of UK homes (14.3m homes) holding a subscription to at least one of Netflix, Prime Video or Now TV for the first time.

Six million homes – a fifth of the total number of UK households – subscribe to two or more subscription video-on-demand services.PRemier