Telecoms and internet providers forced into notifying customers of expiring contracts

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by Josh Peachey

New Ofcom rules mean that companies now have to tell customers when their contracts are coming to an end. 

The UK watchdog estimates that around 20 million customers are out of contract, with many paying more than they need to.

The new rule came into effect on Saturday 15th February.

Lindsey Fussell, Ofcom’s Consumer Group Director, said: “Millions of people are out of contract right now and paying more than they need to. These new rules make it easier to grab a better deal.

Ofcom estimates consumers could save £150 a year just on broadband if they knew of alternative deals.

Companies will have to text, email or write to their customers between 10 and 40 days before their contracts come to an end. 

The communication from the companies providing the contract will need to include the date that contracts can be terminated without a penalty; the price customers have been paying; the price they will automatically pay after the contract ends; how much notice they need to give to cancel the contract; and the best alternative contract – including those offered to new customers.