MindsEye launches community of home-based filmmakers

David Prior's picture
by David Prior

MindsEye has announced the launch of HomeStudio, a community of home-based filmmakers.

The independent production house has brought together a roster of directors who own their own equipment, DOPs with studio space and stop frame animators.

It says that HomeStudio has the capacity and skillset to make high-quality film content for clients during the coronavirus lockdown.

Joining forces with MindsEye’s sister company, influencer marketing agency Billion Dollar Boy, HomeStudio is also able to offer influencer content creators from around the world to produce content, working remotely with their own kit to shoot, edit and deliver films.

Hughie Philips, co-founder and MD, MindsEye and HomeStudio, said: “People want to work and they want to keep creating. As producers we are adaptable. This is by far the biggest challenge we’ve faced as a company and as an industry; we’re keen to find any way possible to keep people busy, working and ensuring great content is being produced.

"HomeStudio is already pitching on several productions, from small to large, including a global campaign with filmmakers from six different countries - and we’ve only just opened.”