Latest THINK! anti-drink-driving campaign calls on friends to 'Pint Block'

Josh Peachey's picture
by Josh Peachey

The government’s anti-drink driving group THINK! is calling on young men to stop friends from drink driving. 

‘Pint Block’, the latest campaign, will target men aged 17 to 35 and encourage them to intervene if they see friends about to drink more than they should.

Inspired by government research which revealed that a third of people don’t think it is important to intervene if someone they know is planning to drink and drive, the ad was made by VMLY&R.

While the majority agreed that drink driving is unacceptable, only 64% said it was important to step in to stop a friend drink driving. That number drops to 45% for young men.

Pint Block builds on THINK’s ‘Mates Matter’ campaign, which it says saw the biggest shift in more than a decade in young men’s attitudes towards drink-driving.


To help launch the campaign, THINK! has commissioned 60 unique illustrations by young artists from across the country – one for each of the 60 young drivers killed or seriously injured when found to be driving over the limit every month in the UK.

The pint blocks, which range from Mexican waves to mosh pits, attempt to persuade viewers that it's important to step in and stop a friend from drinking alcohol if they are planning to drive.