London Mayor's plan outlines digital infrastructure aims for the capital

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by Josh Peachey

In London Mayor Sadiq Khan's updated London Plan, he outlines the need for better digital infrastructure across the city. 

It says that better digital connectivity with a focus on capability, affordability, security, resilience and the provision of appropriate electrical power supply should be pushed for across the capital. 

Digital infrastructure should be considered as important as other utility services, according to the plan. 

However, it also states that the availability of fibre and internet speeds are some of the restrictions limiting London's capability to improve digital services. 

Given the fast pace at which digital technology is changing, a flexible
approach to development is needed that supports innovation and choice, the plan reads. 

Khan's team believe that developers should engage early with a range of network operators to ensure that development proposals are designed to be capable of providing gigabit level of connectivity to all users, with mechanisms put in place to enable further future infrastructure upgrades.

It also called on development proposals to demonstrate mobile connectivity without detrimental impacts on the digital connectivity of neighbouring buildings.

This latest commitment to a fully connected London follows a project led by Khan, Vodafone, and Transport for London (TfL), which aims to upgrade current copper cables to full-fibre options on the London Underground network and public buildings across the city.