Mozilla to launch paid-for Firefox Premium service later this year

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by Josh Peachey

The CEO of web browser Mozilla Firefox has hinted that the company is planning to release a premium-level service later this year. 

Chris Beard, CEO of Mozilla, told T3N that a premium version of the browser could include a VPN service and a secure online storage solution.

Beard said that the company is working towards an October release but clarified that there is no plan to make users pay for things that are currently free.

A company spokeswoman said that Mozilla will "probably launch some new services first and then think carefully about which model makes the most sense, while ensuring the best user safety."

Mozilla generates most of its revenue through search work with Google, but the company hopes that a premium version of their browser could provide them with a new revenue stream. 

Earlier this year, Mozilla improved privacy controls and optimized loading times. 

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