Airbnb debuts new travel experiences called Airbnb Adventures

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by Josh Peachey

Airbnb has extended its travel offering with a range of trips called Airbnb Adventures.

The trips, which aim to provide travellers with experiences that go beyond a usual city visit, can range from a couple of days to more than a week.

The new addition to their offering is an extension of Airbnb Experiences which started in 2016.

On the Airbnb website, activities such as visiting the golden deserts in Oman, island hopping in Indonesia, seeing villages in northern Thailand and musical camping in California are being used to promote Adventures.

Airbnb is working directly with local experts and tour companies directly to put together these sorts of trips.

One example of an Airbnb adventure is a three-day long wildlife excursion in Kenya, which promises lion encounters, campfire learning sessions and bush tea, priced at $500 per person. 

In order to ensure the activities are safe, the travel unicorn is working with a third-party to verify the certifications.

Recent reports say that the company, expected to go public later this year, is also looking into streaming media.

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