Three's 5G ads banned for misleading consumers

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by Josh Peachey

Mobile phone network Three has had its campaign 'If it's not Three, it's not real 5G' banned after other telecoms companies challenged the claim.

Two ads promoting the company's 5G service were banned by the UK ad regulator after they were found to be misleading.

BT, Vodafone, an independent consultant in mobile telecoms and five members of the public challenged the claim.

In an attempt to defend the claim that other companies' 5G networks weren't the real deal, Three argued the extent of its 5G spectrum and the infrastructure of its network set it apart from competitors.

Three also argued that there's a limit to how much technical explanation could be included in an ad but that more detailed technical information was available on the company website.

Consumers are unlikely to be familiar with the tech specs of 5G, the Advertising Standards Authority determined, and would therefore interpret the ads to mean that the 5G services offered by other providers weren't 5G.