Prolific London Awards: Meet the Tech Company of the Year 2019

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by Josh Peachey

At the first-ever Prolific London Awards last year, immersive technology specialists Make Real were crowned Tech Company of the Year.

Winning a Prolific London Award can make a huge difference to a company - and a number of the south’s emerging companies, agencies and brands sought to win one at last year’s ceremony. 

The Prolific London Awards this year have been cancelled.

Coming from a background mix of full-flight simulation and games industry sectors, Make Real was created as a studio to drive immersive technology adoption forwards within three key industry pillars: learning & development, training & simulation and experiential & games.

The Brighton-based tech firm was set up to meet the demands of the training industry whilst also improving employee engagement, through the use of seriously fun immersive experiences.

The Make Real team

The founders had previous experience in the games industry and established Make Real with an emphasis on a strong, supportive studio culture, a positive work-life balance, and flexible approaches to working.

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Key projects

For Vodafone, one of their clients, Make Real created a game for Android and iOS called ‘Drive Safe’. The initial design incorporated 6 driving-safety themed mini-games, combined with a comprehensive set of multiple-choice questions, which the learner has to complete each gamified day, driving around 9 city map levels within the safe working time limits. Response from the trial was very positive and Vodafone commissioned further content and updates to the experience.

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For Severn Trent, Make Real created a ‘Water Leak Resolution’ VR demonstrator application that has been used in small control groups to compare the effectiveness of an immersive digital solution with the traditional face-to-face and screen-based training.

More recently, the firm has also created a VR application for blood identification for the NHS. The key features of this work include virtual physics proof-of-concept, complex interactions simulation, and that it was designed to reduce finite materials wastage.

A Make Real VR training demonstrator showing correct pipette usage for blood identification testing

A Winning Culture

The Make Real team, headed up by Managing Director Robin Scott, Director Ben Dykes and Executive Team Chair Jane Burgess, attribute their Prolific London Award win to strong internal communication and development. 

They host regular lunch and learn sessions where team members share breakthroughs or learning outcomes, and set up an internally funded R&D team to ensure they have eyes on new technologies and software tools to bring into production pipelines.

Some of the team members in the Brighton office

Sam added: “We have an open and honest approach to studio communications in regards to short/mid/long- term goals where targets, finances and prosperity are covered in a transparent manner to enable understanding, questions and awareness of situations. 

“We adopt a time for work and time for play mentality where each week the studio team is able to down tools and explore other experiences available on the marketplace, play a game together, digital or board, or have a beer.” 

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