WhatsApp breaks 2 billion user milestone

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by Josh Peachey

WhatsApp, one of Facebook's messaging services, says that the app now has 2 billion users.

The figure, up from 1.5 billion users in 2018 and 1 billion in 2016, means that more than a quarter of the world’s population uses the app.

WhatsApp backed its commitment to keeping the service private with end-to-end encryption in a blog post, despite successive governments around the world expressing concern that it provides a communication channel for terrorists.

The blog reads: "Private conversations that once were only possible face-to-face can now take place across great distances through instant chats and video calling. There are so many significant and special moments that take place over WhatsApp and we are humbled and honoured to reach this milestone.

"We know that the more we connect, the more we have to protect. As we conduct more of our lives online, protecting our conversations is more important than ever.

"Strong encryption acts like an unbreakable digital lock that keeps the information you send over WhatsApp secure, helping protect you from hackers and criminals. Messages are only kept on your phone, and no one in between can read your messages or listen to your calls, not even us. Your private conversations stay between you."