National Express plans to have fully electric fleet by 2035

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by Josh Peachey

National Express has said that it will have all buses running on electricity by 2035, despite only 10% of its buses being electric currently.

The coach travel company is promising to buy no more diesel buses for its British fleet so that it can achieve its new target of a fully zero emission bus fleet.

Bosses added they have agreed to have their bonuses linked to environmental targets.

Dean Finch, Chief Executive, said that compared to electric cars, electric coaches will be harder to achieve due to the long distances they travel. 

He said that without improvements and investment in major infrastructure, achieving the company's zero emission targets will not be possible.

Finch said: “The focus is on residential use, but what will happen is people like us will become their biggest users… That’s something they’re only vaguely aware of despite our best efforts."