Ever wanted to learn about AI for free? Finland has you covered

Josh Peachey's picture
by Josh Peachey

Those interested in one of tech's most interesting developments can now benefit from Finland's free online AI crash course.

In a bid to educate its population on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Finland launched a free six week online crash course on the subject last year. Now, you can do it too.

Finland decided to translate its course into every EU language so that anyone in the EU could benefit from it but seeing as there are no geographical restrictions as to who can take the course, it's a free for all. 

More than one per cent of Finland's 5.5 million citizens signed up. The course, named Elements of AI, is currently available in English, Swedish, Estonian, Finnish, and German.

The course includes short tests at the end of each section and covers a range of topics from the philosophical implications of AI to technical subjects like Bayesian probability. Each section takes between five and 10 hours. 

Megan Schaible of the tech consultancy Reaktor, which helped design the course, said the motivation was “to prove that AI should not be left in the hands of a few elite coders.”