Apple rumoured to ditch MacBook keyboard mechanism

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by Josh Peachey

A highly-respected analyst of Apple products has reported that the tech giant will use a different mechanism for future MacBooks.

Ming-Chi Kuo, who has previously correctly predicted Apple changes, says that the tech giant will ditch the historically troublesome butterfly mechanism used in the laptop keyboards since 2015.

Kuo says Apple, starting with the 2019 MacBook Air, will roll out a new keyboard design based on scissor switches, which will offer durability and longer key travel. 

In 2020, the MacBook Pro is expected to be updated with the new scissor switch keyboard.

Many Apple fans have criticised the butterfly keyboard design, leading to the company introducing four different variations in as many years to address complaints. 

Complaints have focused around keys getting stuck, repeated key inputs and even loud tapping sounds when typing. 

The company had previously guaranteed next day repairs to satisfy users facing issues with the keyboard. 

Last year, Apple updated the keyboard by adding a thin silicone barrier behind each key to try and prevent dust and crumbs. This didn’t fix the faults entirely. 

Last month, the company extended the standard one-year warranty for keyboard issues that would normally be covered by the care plan.

MacBook users will definitely welcome an real solution to this long-standing and irritable issue. We’ll have to wait until the new MacBook Air is released to see whether they’ve actually solved it. 

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