Dash cam maker MiTAC forms partnership with Inzura

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by Mark Johnson

Taiwan electronics firm MiTAC Digital Technology Corporation has formed a partnership with UK InsurTech firm, Inzura, to deliver a fully integrated telematics dash cam solution for the motor insurance industry. 

The solution will help provide real-time feedback to drivers through its Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in a bid to reduce accidents, increase safety and improve claims processes.   

The global dash cam market has been estimated to be worth around $2.19 billion, due to the evidence dash cams provide to easily identify the cause of an accident, the firm said. Drivers can use the footage to prove their innocence and protect against fraudulent insurance claims. 

The Mio dash cam range has been helping keep drivers safe and protected on UK roads but now, with this improved technology, will also be able to advise on how to stay even safer, the firm said. 

Insurers get immediate access to video

In addition, this latest programme also ensures that insurance providers get access to accident video files within seconds, without any user intervention. 

This creates an instant First Notification of Loss (FNOL) - the initial report made to an insurance provider following an accident involving the insured customer. 

Removing the hassle of contacting insurers and explaining the incident from memory, instead the evidence is provided in real time and insurers can therefore resolve claims as speedily as possible. 

The Mio dash cams provide high quality footage, even at night or in dim light conditions, ensuring it can be used a crucial evidence in any investigation, MiTAC said.

“This is a significant breakthrough for our company and we are delighted to have this opportunity to work with Inzura and be the first to introduce this dash cam solution to the motor insurance industry”, Steve Chang, President of MiTAC Digital Technology Corporation. 

“We want to make our drivers feel as safe and empowered on UK roads as possible and with the Mio dash cam they have the most reliable witness to establish fault and resolve in the most stress-free manner possible.”

Industry first

Inzura Co-Founder and CEO Richard Jelbert said: “Working with MDT is a hugely exciting opportunity as they are fully engaged with us to deliver innovative solutions into the global insurance market. 

“Our app-based telematics solution can now seamlessly manage the Mio dash cam and video files without the need for a separate app. It is an industry first and good for customers and insurers.” 

In addition to this breakthrough technology, Mio dash cams also have a Traceable Movements option meaning that they detect when a collision occurs and makes sure this footage is not overwritten. 

Also, the GPS tracks a vehicle’s location and speed so drivers know that vital information is safely stored for when it is needed. 

The GPS module is housed inside the unit so there are no external devices that need to be connected which is unlike any other dashcam brand on the market. 

The dash cam also includes speed alert and speed camera locations to help keep drivers informed and safe on the road.

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