My Startup


CENTURY Tech uses AI to create an intelligent teaching platform - and in its short few years has already changed lives.


Telco challenger Raylo only launched in June, with the goal of making the phone-buying process both simpler and more affordable.


This week (June 17th to 21st) is Loneliness Awareness Week. Socially, an app created by DJ Newman after being made aware of just how many people in the country struggle with isolation, is tackling the issue.

Like Minded Living

Like-Minded living is a forward-thinking PropTech company that has recently celebrated its third anniversary.

Transport in London can be cripplingly expensive. The Bike Project supports refugees who might have nothing else.

Cheeky Weekend

Eyebrow-raisingly named Cheeky Weekend aims to help busy professionals get away from their desks and on their way to an exciting foreign destination as affordably as possible, and at times that suit them.


OakNorth prides itself on being Europe's fastest-growing and most valuable FinTech. Worldwide, it works to match entrepreneurs and founders with customised loan solutions.

Autto is barely three years old, but has big goals. It hopes to use automation to change how work works across a wide range of industries - cutting the time wasted on repetitive admin tasks.

As part of our weekly My Startup feature, we take a look at some of the best startups in London. This week, its Xarista, a web personalisation platform for retailers.

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