Influencer Marketing

Sonika Sharma, Agent 42

Sonika Sharma, PR Manager at Agent42, shares her insights about how influencer marketing can be restored to its former glory, if only brands would understand the importance of engagement.

Prolific London Roundtable: Influencer Marketing
18 September 2019

Prolific London's next roundtable discussion, in association with Smoking Gun PR, will cover one of the hottest and most opinion-dividing topics of the moment - influencer marketing.

Three companies - including Unilever, the seventh-most valuable organisation in Europe - have invested a total of $12 million (£9.4 million) in CreatorIQ, the influencer marketing platform.

Marcio Delgado behind the scenes

Social media has completely changed marketing. With more and more individuals finding popularity on sites such as Instagram, brands have been turning to them to help sell their products.

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