About Tate Digital

Tate Digital is the place where fast-growing start-ups and business meet highly creative, talented candidates in the burgeoning digital and tech city of Manchester. This is a highly agile environment, needing new staff at the drop of a hat. With little time to make intelligent hires directly, and general recruitment companies not only being expensive, but not fully understanding the agility of fast-growing companies, Tate Digital is here to plug that gap.

Whether you are looking to recruit for your growing business or make that all important next step in your career, we have options for you.Our vision is to drive the growth of the digital and tech industries and communities in Manchester by connecting the right candidates with the right businesses, without charging astronomical fees- but by putting you in control. 

We like to think of it as recruiting for the modern age…


Meet the Team: 

Joel Fletcher
Anila Shabir
Talent Manager
Masa Prastalo
Digital Partnership Manager
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