About Stein IAS

We are Stein IAS, the only real B2B Marketing agency. We are the global B2B specialist agency that serves as strategic partner to brand leaders around the world.

With our Post-Modern Marketing mindset, we fuse award-winning creative and content experiences with transformative digital-, data- and technology-driven interactions approaches. Most importantly, we seamlessly connect brand to demand to business results. In recent years, B2B marketers have embraced digital marketing transformation. And Modern Marketing has been our path forward. All along, Stein IAS has been a Modern Marketing leader. 

Now, the stakes are even higher with enterprise marketers spending up to 25% or more of their budgets on marketing technology. Yet, impact and effectiveness have not risen at pace. It’s why B2B needs to enter its post-modern age – and why clients today need the first Post-Modern Marketing Agency. 

At Stein IAS, we fully realise the power and potential of Modern Marketing technologies. And we go even further based on our belief that B2B marketing needs more magic. It needs to be braver and bolder. It needs the from-the-gut genius of pre-modern marketing – the days of the Mad Men –  in the form of post-modern experiences and storytelling that fuse creativity and technology, the pragmatic and the emotional, to take customers’ breath away.

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Meet the Team: 

Rob Morrice
Chief Executive Officer
Tom Stein
Chairman and Chief Client Officer
Cal Jackson
Chief Human Resources Officer
Danny Turnbull
Managing Director EMEA
Reuben Webb
Chief Creative Officer
Marc Keating
Chief Innovation Officer
Derek Stewart
Chief Strategy Officer
Craig Duxbury
Global Client Services Director