About Promark Media

Promark Media is one the UK’s leading digital marketing and communication company, helping organisations to promote themselves across a range of high-value and influential market sectors, including the key decision makers. Our two brands: UK Construction Online and Defence Online are the largest community of key decision makers from the construction/ infrastructure sector and defence sector respectively. With over 3 million website visitors each year, we provide the most accurate and up-to-date news and insight, allowing businesses to engage directly with a range of sector based solutions, designed specifically to enhance their knowledge and understanding of this ever evolving marketplace.

Meet the Team: 

Simon Burgess
Group CEO
Grahame Steed
Group Sales Director
Kathleen Johnson
Media Sales Executive
Stuart Parkinson
Media Sales Executive
Jonathan Rudge
Media Sales Executive
Courtney Blackwood
Media Sales Executive
Vicky Maggiani
Publications Editor
Seamus Norton
Head of Production Development
Matthew Brown
Publications Officer

Our portfolio of services allows your organisation to build and develop new business relationships and opportunities, in order to support and complement your existing sales marketing strategy.

Chris Dolphin, Managing Director
Timelapse Movie Company

I’ve been absolutely delighted with the amount of enquiries I received since starting to work with UK Construction Media over three years ago. I am very pleased to say however that the level of response I have had with my marketing campaign has been phenomenal with solid enquiries from phone calls and emails expressing keen interest. I cannot overstate how happy I have been with the results UK Construction Media have achieved for my company

Chris Jeffreys, Marketing Manager
Club Wembley at Wembley Stadium

UK Construction Media offer a fantastic service and have provided this to Club Wembley for nearly three years. They have the strongest construction database that we have ever worked with and deliver consistent results on a regular basis. Always a pleasure to work with and able to offer a service that perfectly suits our needs.

Carol Howarth, Finance Director

We have been dealing with UK Construction Media since 2013, since which time they have worked hard at trying to understand what our business does to formulate a best fit strategy. We have used a number of products from their portfolio of marketing solutions having started initially with page adverts and now enjoying the benefits of online magazines as well as video hosting, an e-book and a Stakeholder package. We have seen a great response from these services and are looking forward to even more in the future.