About Orchard

Here at Orchard, we have been recruiting for the creative and marketing industries across the North-West and Yorkshire for 25 years. 

We understand your industry - because we are ex-industry! We’re a team built from a range of professions, and we consider having experience and up to date industry knowledge to be an equal part of the job.

We have immersed ourselves in the Creative, Marketing and Digital Sectors in the North of England over the years, and by developing relationships over the years we have established ourselves as the premier recruiter in our marketplace. 

Through our involvement in the industry we have built a strong client base, meaning we often get exclusive access to the top jobs in the North. 

If you’re a candidate, we promise not to waste your time by calling you up to offer you unsuitable jobs. The first time you come into meet us, we’ll listen to your requirements and meet them to the best of our ability. 

We work hard to ensure both our clients and candidates are happy. By dedicating our time to going through job specs with a fine-tooth comb, we can make sure that we match the best candidates for the role - and find the best roles for you as a candidate.

Every day we place talented people in freelance and permanent jobs, within agencies and client side teams.

We are always happy to talk to people about their careers and to organise a confidential chat with a consultant that knows your sector.

Likewise, if you think we can help your business please give us a call and we can discuss your needs and what we can offer you.

If you’ve got the know how, we’ve got the know who!

Meet the Team: 

Mike Carter
Managing Director
Andy Chesters
Recruitment Director
Tommy Giles
Senior Recruitment Consultant
Lucy Lomas
Senior Recruitment Consultant
Dave Ochwat
Recruitment Consultant
Tom Bower
Recruitment Consultant
Deke N’zeeb
Recruitment Consultant
Abigail Leigh
Social Media & Marketing Executive

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