About Jumpstart

Jumpstart is a science and technology company focused on helping companies secure innovation funding through HMRC’s R&D tax credit and Patent Box programmes.

We work with a wide range of clients, providing them with a unique blend of technological and business expertise to guide them through the complexities of submitting innovation funding claims to HMRC.    

This year we celebrate 11 years of continued success in successfully claiming R&D tax relief claims for our clients. We’re a little bit different from your typical R&D tax relief service provider, which our thousands of clients and many partner organisations seem to like a lot!    

We believe that companies get the best results by using people who actually understand the science of what they do. That’s why our analysts are chemists, biologists, engineers, physicists and software engineers who can translate very technical information into meaningful reports that are relevant to HMRC’s R&D guidelines.    

Working together with accountants, Jumpstart finds and maximises the client’s eligibility while accountants utilise its tax benefit. We always complement rather than compete. Jumpstart has consistently found eligibility in processes in companies that have struggled to understand the legislation.    

We’ve secured millions of pounds in benefits for our clients, and right now we’re identifying £2.2 million in eligible R&D activity every single week. We work hard to maximise the value and accuracy of all credit claims, ensuring our clients get exactly what they deserve. 

Arthur Vonchek, Executive Chairman  
Locus Software

Jumpstart are very experienced, professional and unlike many service providers did not require us to do all the work! 

R&D Tax Relief explained

Meet the Team: 

David Woods
Business Development Manager
Garry Keith
Business Development Manager
Chris Barker
Business Development Manager
Adrian Williamson
Technical Analyst
Mark Westwood
Technical Analyst

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John Boardman, COO

Jumpstart take the pain out of making a claim. And at the end of it, we got a lovely big cheque from HMRC. We’re doing a lot of cutting edge stuff here and now getting the money back for it, which is as it should be.  

Sharon Kovacs, Director

Jumpstart had a good technical understanding of our industry. Their questions enabled us to identify numerous activities which did meet HMRC’s eligibility criteria and which we would not have included otherwise. 

Geoff Wells, COO
Aerian Studios 

Jumpstart demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the scheme as well as an impressive technical understanding from our allocated Technical Analyst, who effortlessly grasped the technical elements of every project we discussed.