About JBH - The Content Agency

JBH are a ​​content marketing agency​​ that specialises in delivering digital PR and content campaigns that drive brand awareness, build thought leaders and boost your visibility in search.

We create authentic, ​award-winning​, high-impact content that makes people want to learn about your brand.

Meet the Team: 

Jane Hunt
Co-founder & Marketing Director
Andy Blason
Co-founder & Digital Director
Aran Jackson
Co-founder & Creative Director
Rebecca Moss
Digital PR Manager

Our award-winning campaigns fuse content, PR, social, influencer marketing and SEO.

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Erny Peibst, CEO

JBH has done some quite astonishing work securing coverage and links on very high DA news sites for a very niche lifestyle brand.

Sam O’Brien, Product Marketing Manager 

JBH has helped position us as an expert in retail technology by creating thought leadership content - as a result, we’ve already seen a dramatic increase in inbound traffic and engagement on our website are excited to see what else they can do for us.

Catherine Maskell, Head Of Global Marketing 

By far and away the best salary guides we have had to date. Much more impactful than previous years.