About Eat & Breathe

Eat & Breathe combines award winning food photographers and stylists with a unique hub facility to provide integrated content services for the food and drink sector.    

Offering much more than photography, our state of the art Leeds studio features a purpose-built Hub, fully equipped for presentations, NPD and filming, and anything else you can shake a wooden spoon at!      

Whether you’re a market leading brand or innovative start up, our customisable workspace, includes professional kitchen facilities, meeting spaces and technology to present ranges or facilitate recipe/menu development.    

A unique space for you to step away from your regular work environment to think, plan and innovate. Studios in Leeds & Manchester. If you’d like to pop in to see the studios, drop us an email at info@eat-and-breathe.co.uk

Take a look at our portfolio of work, shooting across a range of formats for hospitality, retail & consumer brands.

Meet the Team: 

Darren Hickson
Director of Photography
Andrew Hunt
Studio & Production Manager
Clover Huston
Lead Stylist & Food Insight
Chloe Warde

A Fully Customisable Space Designed and equipped for presentation, range & menu planning, NPD, innovation sessions, workshops and so much more.

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