About Bruntwood

Bruntwood is one of the most innovative providers of workspaces in the UK, with an original collaborative approach towards commercial property and the large scale regeneration and  improvement of cities. 


We design workspaces that meet the current and future needs of business, from a start up to a global corporate, allowing companies to grow with us. 


We combine expertise in property development with deep understanding of the needs of customers to create the right environment for business to thrive 


We are continually creating workspaces for the future which enable flexible working and collaboration offering a full suite of services and options to business from co-working through to leased offices and access to community networks with real purpose.



Meet the Team: 

Chris Oglesby
Ciara Keeling
Director of Asset Management
Phil Kemp
Chief Commercial Officer
Andrew Cooke
Regional Director, Manchester
Colin Forshaw
Regional Director, Liverpool
Craig Burrow
Regional Director, Leeds
Rob Valentine
Regional Director, Birmingham

Bruntwood serviced space

News and views from the Bruntwood team...

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Tom Gill, Founder

Bruntwood gave us the scalability to grow in the future. This is a very early stage start-up for us but in the space of 12 months we possibly could have doubled or tripled our team so we needed a partner there who can grow with us. I think Bruntwood give us that flexibility.

Graeme Anthony, Co-creator
Manc Frank

We choose Bruntwood, first and foremost, the space that we found here was just perfect and it was strangely very similar to our office in London so the moment that we walked in here, we instantly felt at home, and from that moment it was like, this is the office we need and that was at the moment we just knew.

Katie Gallagher, Managing Director
Manchester Digital

It's been a long-term relationship now with Bruntwood, so even before we were tenants they've always really understood our mission and they've always been incredibly supportive so when it became possible to locate with Bruntwood it was just a really easy decision for us. We went to some great events and it's the flexibility that allow us to do things when we need to do them. The staff really support us beyond being landlords and they really get involved in and care that what we're doing works and that we're happy.

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