Steve Coogan to star in new Channel 4 comedy drama about gender politics in the film industry

David Prior's picture
by David Prior

Steve Coogan is to star in a new Channel 4 comedy drama which will take a satirical look at gender politics in the film industry.

The Alan Partridge actor will play a successful film producer and ‘ladies man’ who must reshoot his latest movie or face ruin.

The 6x30min comedy, Chivalry, has been commissioned by Channel 4 Head of Drama Caroline Hollick and is a Baby Cow Production.

It is written by and stars Sarah Solemani (Him and Her, Barry) and Coogan (Alan Partridge, Philomena).

Coogan's character, Cameron, forges an unlikely partnership with Bobby, played by Solemani, a woke writer/director and mother of one.

She is riding high after her successful, low-budget indie debut and is promised studio funding for her feminist Biblical biopic if she can rescue a sexually controversial thriller first.

Solemani said: “Chivalry was born through a series of fiery debates with my comedy hero and renowned feminist, Steve Coogan.”

Coogan added: “I am delighted to be working with the very funny, clever Sarah Solemani in the landscape of what in less enlightened times was called ‘the battle of the sexes’. Chivalry is more of a painfully honest, funny fencing match. We will attack, riposte, lunge, parry and counter-parry and perhaps, when the bout is over, take off our masks revealing our true selves.”