Netflix to face questions on working with British production houses

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by Mark Johnson

The House of Lords Communications Committee will meet representatives from Netflix and ITV, to ask if the global streaming giant is unwilling to make UK produced shows.

Appearing at the session next Tuesday, 2 July, will be Anne Mensah who is Vice -President of content at Netflix and also Benjamin King, Director of Public Policy for Netflix in the UK.

ITV’s CEO, Dame Carolyn McCall, will also join the discussion of issues raised in the Committee’s inquiry on the future of public service broadcasting in the age of video on demand.

Mc Call will be supported by Kevin Lygo, Director of Television at ITV and Magnus Brooke, Director of Policy and Regulatory Affairs at ITV.

US bias

The proportion of UK households subscribing to Netflix has grown rapidly in recent years. But some witnesses to the inquiry have questioned its commitment to  making British programming except to serve American audiences. 

The Committee will ask Netflix if this is a fair assessment and explore a range of other topics.

ITV is the UK’s largest commercial public sector broadcaster. In its second session, the Committee will ask ITV if it can remain viable as more and more advertising moves online. 

The Committee will also investigate the public service remit of ITV and consider how ITV can better appeal to young people while remaining true to this remit.

Topics for discussion for the Netflix continent will include Netflix’s role in the TV sector; Supporting diversity of talent, both on and off screen, and regional productions; The High-End TV tax relief: and Netflix’s relationships with production partners.

ITV will be questioned on maters such as its public service remit: Diversity on screen and off; ITV’s approach to co-producing programmes and trends in co-production: and Britbox, the proposed streaming service for BBC and ITV content.

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