London-based therapy startup Spill raises €760k

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by Mark Johnson

Mental health startup, Spill, has raised €760,000 in seed funding to offer an affordable alternative for mental wellness.

Founded in 2018, the startup raised the seed funding from Passion Capital, Seedcamp and angel investors including founder Julian Callede and Urban co-founder Jack Tang. 

Spill was borne out of the co-founders’ frustrations with existing barriers to both public- and private-sector options for mental wellness.

App-based support and coaching

For anyone going through a tough time, or simply looking for support and coaching, the choices available in the UK have been either a months’ long NHS waiting list to see a counsellor, or paying upwards of €70 per session in order to see a private therapist. Both come with the baggage of a significant and inflexible time commitment, as well as social stigma.

The company said that mental illness is a growing ‘first world’ problem, affecting at least one in four people worldwide. Spill’s messaged-based therapy service aims to help people increase their emotional intelligence and improve their ability to take on life’s challenges.

On Spill’s app, users can connect with BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) registered or equivalent counsellors and psychotherapists using anonymous written therapeutic communication – thereby offering private, discreet, convenient, accessible and flexible well-being support for individuals.

The company works with employers, workplaces or universities to make its app available to employees, individuals and students for free and as a workplace or student benefit.

“Spill is the resource that we wished we had during our own challenging times,” said co-founder Calvin Benton. “It’s designed to be used more like a consumer app rather than a medical one, so that individuals won’t be embarrassed to have it on their home screens helping to reduce any stigma.”

84% of users had never accessed mental health guidance

Spill said that 84 per cent of its existing users have not previously accessed any mental health guidance or counselling. This figures demonstrates the benefit and potential reach of an easy-to-use, convenient and non-intimidating service, the company said.

The app has already been incorporated into progressive organisations of all sizes, from small startups with as few as only ten employees to larger fast-growth companies such as Monzo and Rightmove, as well as corporations including Hargreaves Lansdown. The company’s vision is to make therapy and counselling a default workplace benefit.

“We’re extremely proud to work with the Spill team because we genuinely believe that people are what differentiate and distinguish great companies,” said Eileen Burbidge of Passion Capital. “We always encourage our portfolio companies to invest in their people, and we believe that Spill is an ideal way for all companies and workplaces to do this for the benefit of their employees’ well-being, executive coaching or simply improving interpersonal communication skills and team dynamics.”

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