Google refuses to remove controversial Saudi Arabia app

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by Josh Peachey

Google has dismissed calls to remove Absher, an app that allows Saudi men to control their wives, from the Google Play store whilst Apple still haven't made a decision.

Pressure has been put on Google and Apple to remove the app, which is an online database by the Saudi Arabian government, which Saudi men can use to track women and prevent them from escaping. 

Saudi law says that every woman must have a male guardian and the app is an online system that includes a text-messaging system alerting men when women use their passports, according to an INSIDER investigation. 

After reviewing the app, Google concluded that it does not violate any agreements and will therefore remain on the Google Play store.

There were 14 US congress members who wrote to Google CEO Sundar Pichai (pictured) and Apple CEO Tim Cook last month demanding that the app be removed. 

Apple is yet to make a statement on whether they will remove the app or not. 

Absher allows men to prevent their wives from travelling