Freelance platform Fiverr opens first UK-based office in London

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by Mark Johnson

Online freelance services company, Fiverr, has opened its first UK office in London, as part of its European expansion plan.

The company said it was also opening another office in the German city of Berlin, the Tel Aviv-based company said.

The two offices will operate alongside the company’s headquarters in Tel Aviv and offices in New York, San Francisco and Miami. Expanding globally is and will continue to be a part of its growth strategy the company said.

“Europe is Fiverr’s second largest market behind North America yet the potential opportunity to unlock more of the market segment there is huge,” said Micha Kaufman, Fiverr CEO. 

“The decision to open offices in London and Berlin reflects the momentum we are experiencing in those particular regions and our ambitions for future growth. 

“This expansion will allow us to grow the business and to further invest in the key markets where we operate.”

Opportunity to connect

Fiverr said the international expansion gives it the opportunity to connect people around the world while gaining greater insights from key local markets. 

Initial priorities in newer markets include the localisation of services, improving user experience, and increasing local brand awareness.

The move is being overseen by former Airbnb international expansion leader Andres Schabelman, who is Fiverr’s new vice president of international expansion.

Andres was one of the first thirty employees at Airbnb and helped open twelve offices in roughly six months timing, hiring more than 200 people in his tenure there.

“Organically, Fiverr has built a strong, passionate community of brand ambassadors around the world,” said Schabelman. 

“This expansion provides us the opportunity to further invest in and learn from the communities that we serve, while also allowing more people access to a global marketplace that knows no borders and that already enables millions of people to accomplish their dreams.”

According to a recent McKinsey report, there are roughly 14 million freelancers in the UK, and work practices continue to shift at pace. 

The UK is already the second largest market for Fiverr behind the US and investing in an on-the-ground presence should further deepen the company’s local penetration and help open up new business opportunities. 

London is the largest and fastest growing tech hub in the UK. Initially, the team there will be focused on increasing brand awareness through community engagement, local brand activations, partnerships and public relations, Fiverr said. 

Fiverr’s Berlin office officially opened in November 2018, with community building activity and local marketing efforts serving as initial priorities. Germany is the first non-English market Fiverr is localising, so as the playbook for Germany is developed, it will provide a blueprint for opening up offices and localising other non-English speaking territories, Fiverr said.

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