Flickr has finally ditched Yahoo login requirements

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by Josh Peachey

After more than 10 years, Flickr no longer requires users to log in using Yahoo credentials.

Yahoo acquired the online photo-sharing service back in 2005 and then forced users to have a Yahoo account to log into their account two years later. Smugmug have since acquired Flickr in April 2018. 

According to a blog post on the company site, the single most requested change from the Flickr community since SmugMug took over, was for them to drop the Yahoo login authorization system. 

The blog post reads: “For more than a decade, login on Flickr has been bound to Yahoo’s login authorization system, requiring each of our members to own a Yahoo account to access their Flickr account.

A video on the blog post instructing users how to change their login details

“We set to work right away to bring all our members a new, secure login method that doesn’t require a Yahoo account, and we’re thrilled that the time has come to begin migrating members to the new login.

“Due to the massive number of account holders at Flickr, this process will take a little time, but over the next few weeks, we’ll introduce more and more Flickr members to our new login.”

After the update, users will first be required to use either their current Yahoo sign-in or their primary contact address, before selecting a new login email address and password.