PinkNews buys digital targeting agency Othervox

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by Mark Johnson

LGBTI news site has bought audience digital targeting agency Othervox for an undisclosed sum.

The move will allow the London-based media firm, which covers global LGBTI news stories, to directly plug into brands looking to markets their products to its global readership base.

“When an advertiser comes to us wanting to reach the LGBTI community, they can safely spend their whole budget with us, they don’t need to go elsewhere” PinkNews CEO, Benjamin Cohen told The Drum. 

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“We can reach them on our owned platforms and on Snapchat. We are a one-stop shop for reaching LGBTI consumers.”

Othervox specialises in digital advertising across the world’s most popular LGBTI channels. This includes news outlets and also the top five gay dating apps

The move shows that competition in the LGBTI news media space is getting tight as rival news services such as GayStarNews, GayTimes, Out and so on battle for advertising revenue.

The Othervox acquisition, however, gives PinkNews access to a new audience, LGBT advocates who are themselves not necessarily in that community. A poll to its sizeable Snap audience found that half of its users said they are straight, The Drum reported.

“That is an audience that hasn't really existed or been offered to advertisers before,” Cohen told The Drum. “We are right at the beginning of that journey there is a huge opportunity for people to reach a young, liberal, gendered audience who have different attitudes to the consumers of other publications.”

Cohen posted a message on his own Facebook page this morning welcoming the Othervox team to his company.

“Really excited that PinkNews is making its second acquisition. Welcome Darren and Othervox to the PN family! We’ve also announced that our audience on Snapchat Discover has now grown to more than 28 million monthly users!”

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