NewsGuard reverses Daily Mail browser warning

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by Mark Johnson

A plugin that flashed up warnings to readers that the Daily Mail website’s news content failed on basic standards has been changed.

The London-based newspaper had complained that the NewsGuard plug-in gave its Mail Online website a negative review, the UK Press Gazette reported.

The plug-in now gives the Mail Online a positive green shield after discussions with executives from the news website, which is one of the most widely read in the world.

Top news: Daily Mail's content now gets green tick from NewsGuard

However, US startup, Newsguard, maintained that Mail Online still failed to gather and present information in a responsible way to its readers.

NewsGuard’s technology rates news sources to help people decide whether a website’s content is trustworthy, or a likely source of fake news.

The ratings drew attention in January after Microsoft included the plug-in with its Edge web browser for Android and iOS devices.

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