Hacking report names Russians the quickest intruders on the planet

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by Charlie Spargo
2019 Global Threat Report

According to US security firm Crowdstrike’s latest threat report, malicious actors associated with the Russian state achieve the greatest “breakout speed”.

The 2019 Global Threat Report, released today - subtitled ‘Adversary Tradecraft and the Importance of Speed’ - used the self-developed metric of “breakout speed”, introduced in 2018, to assess the speed a hacker can convert an initial compromise into a full-blown breach.

Crowdstrike used this to assess the “average speed of major nation-state actors,” finding that Russian hackers can expand their access to a system in under 19 minutes.

That speed is eight times faster than North Korea-based groups - who are the second-fastest - and 16 times faster than any from China. 

And while “several nation-states gave lip-service to curbing their clandestine cyber activities... behind the scenes, they doubled down on their cyber espionage operations - combining those efforts with further forays into destructive attacks.”

The report’s conclusion confirmed what Crowdstrike says many already know: “We are in a veritable ‘arms race’ for cyber superiority.”