Fitness app Eastnine raises £2m seed funding

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by Keiligh Baker

New fitness startup and app Eastnine co-founded by London entrepreneur and investor Jason Goodman has raised £2 million in seed funding.

Founded in 2018, Eastnine will soon launch its fitness app, which provides audio coaching for new and experienced runners.

The app will record user’s race times and encourage them to race against existing records for the same session.

The seed round announced was led by VCs LocalGlobe and Cherry Ventures, and also included angel investors founder of Skype and Atomico Niklas Zennström, former Spotify CMO Sophia Bendz and Ilkka Paananen, founder of Supercell.

“A daily run is hard to make a habit and can be inherently solitary,” Goodman told TechCrunch. “Doing it with others makes it enjoyable, purposeful and addictive.

"We’ve tried all sorts of apps, but they are linear and lonely and miss the extra push you get from doing it with others, on your terms.

"Our training experience combines the fun and sport of being surrounded by other Eastnine runners on a real-time leaderboard with [a] genuinely knowledgeable coaching approach that inspires people to run more and run better.”

While the app is being trialled the app will be free-to-use, with a ‘freemium’ and monthly subscription model to be introduced after the app is officially launched.