Finally AI is doing something useful... Finding Wally.

Josh Peachey's picture
by Josh Peachey

Playing Where’s Wally is all fun and games until you can’t find the (correct) striped clown. 

Even if, for whatever reason, you take pride in being extremely good at locating where Wally is, you’ll have a tough time beating this robot made by American creative agency redpepper.

Enter... 'There's Waldo'.

The robot, equipped with a camera and a rubber hand (where do people get small rubber hands from anyway?), uses computer vision and machine learning to spot Wally and can usually do it in under five seconds. 

The robot arm, which is controlled by a tiny Raspberry Pi computer, was coded with Python to recognise and scan all of the faces on your typical Where’s Wally page using Google's Cloud Auto ML service, before pointing out the man himself.

Some of you will think that Where’s Wally is now ruined, others will consider building your own so you can streamline allocated family time. Whether you like There’s Waldo or not, it certainly demonstrates the ability of AI to make our lives easier. 

Take a closer look at how There's Waldo Works. (Credit: redpepper YouTube channel)