Duo aim to transform cybersecurity with new platform

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by Keiligh Baker

Two tech entrepreneurs aim to transform cybersecurity with a new software platform that allows businesses to monitor all of their cybersecurity from one easy-to-use dashboard.

ThreatAware has been launched by entrepreneurs Steve Thomson and Jon Abbott, co-founders of London-based IT services company Priority One. Steve is also the founder of data analytics specialist Ebiquity plc. The platform was developed with backing from angel investors.

ThreatAware brings together cybersecurity tools and company-wide compliance procedures on a single screen, which is suitable for use by IT and cybersecurity professionals and by non-technical managers and directors.

Jon Abbott, CEO of ThreatAware, said they had developed the platform in response to their own clients’ needs: “Cyber security is not solely the responsibility of the IT team but is a company-wide challenge. As many breaches stem from human error or internal threats, training staff and having the right policies are procedures in place are critical.

“By monitoring tools, people and processes on one dashboard, ThreatAware co-ordinates the roles of people throughout the business, ensuring everyone plays their part. It simplifies compliance with GDPR and other standards, saves time for IT staff and provides peace of mind for directors.”

The dashboard monitors all the company’s security tools, such as anti-virus, email and web software, which allows it to detect all devices connected to the network and identify the users. It creates graded alerts – for example, amber where a device requires its antivirus updating or red if the system is infected.