Citymapper to launch ‘one stop shop’ travel card

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by Keiligh Baker

Commuter app Citymapper has launched a new subscription service that will allow people to pay for weekly travel across all modes of transport in London with one contactless card.

The subscription service, Citymapper Pass, will initially cost around £40 a week for unlimited travel on the Tube, buses and Overground in zones one and two, unlimited use of Santander bikes and £12 towards trips with Citymapper Ride cab shares.

There will be a £30 option that includes the public transport access but excludes bikes and cab shares. It undercuts the existing weekly Transport for London Travelcard by £5.10. Outside those zones the pass will operate as a pay as you go Oyster-style card.

Customers can cancel any time they like. They’ll be issued a green contactless card that works with Apple Pay or Google Pay and an app will track their usage and offer reward points.

Azmat Yusuf, Citymapper founder and chief executive, said: “It’s not just about the price, we’d like to provide a better experience … we want to make this really easy and reduce the hassle to a minimum.”

He added that the service would be most useful for a typical “active” London commuter, and said: “These are people who use public transport every day but don’t want to get out their bank card every time and also don’t want those little charges on their bank statement.”

The initial launch will only reach a select few thousand users who have opted in to receive updates on the service within its app.