This cat does not exist: Intelligent AI creates fictitious feline faces

Charlie Spargo's picture
by Charlie Spargo
None of these people or cats really exist

In yet another development proving the power of artificial intelligence, a group of internet users have drawn on the power of so-called “deepfaking” to create fabricated people, cats, Airbnb listings, and more.

A selection of websites have emerged, created to harmlessly show how AI might be used to create immensely believable situations that never happened. The technology uses generative adversarial networks (GAN).

Two among them are This Person Does Not Exist and This Cat Does Not Exist, created by a former Uber employee, Philip Wang. Visit either of these websites and you’ll see a realistic photo of a person (or cat).

However, the “subject” does not exist. The technology learns from input taken from websites such as Flickr, and others exist including This Airbnb Does Not Exist.

It could mean that highly believable hoaxes, ones that are relatively simple to create, might be on their way sooner than ever.