Apple refuses to create cheap iPhone, sees biggest sales drop in three years

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by Charlie Spargo
iPhone sales are slowing

Data from global research and advisory body Gartner show that in the final quarter of 2018, the majority of smartphone brands saw a slowdown in purchases.

However it was Apple that was hit the hardest during this valuable sales period - selling 64 million iPhones, down from 73 million in Q4 the previous year, and bringing its market share down from 18% to 16%.

This level of sales performance is Apple’s worst since the beginning of 2016. With the largest impact coming from low uptake in China, it has be credited with their failure - or refusal - to appeal to new buyers, rather than those replacing iPhones.

Analysts at Gartner say that Samsung suffers the same issue, relying on “replacement buyers”. When it comes to emerging and rapidly developing countries such as India, China and many in South America, brands like Huawei are making a far larger impact.

In its latest round of releases, Apple decided not to create an affordable option in the same vein as the 5C or SE, which were released alongside more powerful and expensive options at the time. Instead, it either released a single flagship model in the case of the iPhone X, or two similar specification models, in the form of XS and XR.