Cybersecurity start up wins £6.2m Goldman Sachs funding

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by Keiligh Baker

Cyber security training platform Immersive Labs has raised £6.2m in Series A funding led by Goldman Sachs.

The company was launched by former GCHQ researcher James Hadley in 2017 after he ran a cyber summer school for teenagers on behalf of the UK’s signals intelligence agency.

The funding, made alongside smaller private investors, aims to boost its enterprise IT and cybersecurity teams by combining threat data with gamified learning.

Hadley, CEO of Immersive Labs, says: “Large organisations are facing a dual cybersecurity talent problem; not only is the number of professionals seriously lagging but so is the pace at which their skills are developed. If you are able to recruit the right people in the first place, today’s attackers move so fast your team may quickly fall behind.”

"Having rolled out the Immersive Lab platform globally ourselves, we are aware of the benefits it brings to large organisations,” said Goldman’s chief information security officer Andy Ozment. “The Immersive platform has helped us hone the skills of the people at the front line of our cyber defenses and identify new talent throughout the organisation.”

Since the company was founded two years ago, it has grown to 65 people and has established offices in Bristol, London and New York.

Current clients include global corporates, such as BAE Systems, Sophos and Grant Thornton.

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