Computer science grads gifted funding to help them get into startup jobs

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by Charlie Spargo
Generous funding for London graduates

Computer science graduates have been handed a huge bonus in the often-difficult job search, through £40,000 worth of funding from the City of London Corporation.

The Corporation has stumped up the money to to help computer science students into jobs with London startups, of which more than 10,000 are created each year. The project will be carried out by Capital Enterprise, facilitators and startup experts comprising influencers, investors and policymakers.

The funding will support 40 London post- and undergraduates in their move to digital and tech roles in the capitals on placements paying the London Living Wage and lasting up to 12 weeks.

By supporting digital skills, the City of London Corporation hope that communities will be supported through employment, skills development and awareness.

Catherine McGuinness, Policy Chair at the City of London Corporation, said: “There is an ever-increasing need for digital skills in the workplace. This new programme will help London’s firms, universities and students - and it is an investment in the wider economy.

“We know that there is mismatch of skills between computer science graduates and the needs of the capital’s businesses, who are facing a shortage of suitable skills.

“We are committed to ensuring London maintains its position as the global hub for fintech - and for businesses this will add fresh talent whilst boosting productivity.”

John Spindler, CEO of Capital Enterprise, said: “London is home to some of the best tech companies and creative minds in the world.

“With this initiative, we will bridge the gap between London’s freshest talent and tech start-ups, offering young people a viable path into one of the world’s leading tech hubs whilst addressing the demand for digital talent.

“We are thankful for the generous support of the City of London Corporation in maintaining London’s competitive advantage in the tech sector.”