Batch.Works and Paperchase create 3D printed biodegradable stationery

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by Keiligh Baker

Paperchase has partnered up with the London-based 3D printing startup to develop a collection of biodegradable stationery, including 3D printed ballpoint pens and pen pots.

The new line, called Conscious Living, features a pen with the message "The future is in our hands" and is part of a marketing message to consumers about "the part the consumer, retailers and stationery can play in safeguarding the planet by making more informed choices".

Paperchase employed to bring the environmentally-friendly pens to the market and both the pen pots and ballpoint pens are 3D printed using bioplastic materials.

Julien Vaissieres, a former architect who founded in 2016, started the company with the aim to offer micro-scale production of 3D printed products.

“3D printing has been used for prototypes, engineered parts and high-end objects for decades. At we revolutionised slow, rigid and costly traditional manufacturing methods with a radically more efficient 3D printing process. Bringing 3D printed products to your local shop and the hands of people. These are the first steps towards a new way of making things sustainable,” Vaissieres said.

To create the stationery, used desktop FDM 3D printing and biodegradable PLA filament produced from sugar cane. It was able to produce 30,000 parts at the East London-based headquarters in just two months.

The Conscious Living collection also includes non-printed products like lunch boxes, keychains, scrapbooks, coffee mugs, and more.

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