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The global video streaming market is set to reach $149.34 billion in 2026 - a huge increase from the $38.56 billion recorded in 2019.

The share of ad spend accounted for by digital advertising is set to rise this year and next, according to new figures.

More than three-quarters of UK fashion shoppers have switched, avoided, or boycotted certain brands over the last 12 months because of their environmental policies.

Some 81 per cent of UK consumers take visual inspiration for their purchases, underscoring the importance of visual search.

The virtual reality content creation market is set to boom, reaching $46.54 billion globally by 2026.

Brand ethics are an increasingly important factor amongst UK shoppers, according to new research.

Paris was a more popular destination for property investment than London this year, the first time on record.

There remains a big gap between marketers' ambitions with martech and the realities of their implementation.

The number of consumer mixed reality apps installed around the world will reach 10 billion by 2024, according to new research.

Consumer spending rose last month to its highest level since April as retailers instituted sharp discounts.


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