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Catch up on the latest news outside of marketing and tech, including the latest updates from publications, broadcasters, gaming and more. Whether its a disruptive startup or a new development from one of the City's largest institutions, keep up-to-date with Prolific London.

News UK, owner of The Times and The Sun newspapers, has announced a raft of changes in its senior leadership team as it continues to focus on driving long term sustainable growth.

UK food and drink brand, Twisted, is launching a film studio at the brand new Market Hall West End at London’s Oxford Circus.

The O2 has reached a major milestone, selling its 25 millionth ticket.

The government must force small businesses to report their gender and ethnicity pay gaps, according to a senior Bank of England official.

Reflect Digital has launched a new tool allowing users to quickly measure the effectiveness of online content.

The adoption of social media has led to the creation of a "serial return culture" amongst shoppers.

Global has announced the launch of LBC News, a 24-hour rolling news radio station.

Eurostar recorded its busiest August to date this year, with more than a million passengers riding on its trains.

Channel 4 is set to unveil a policy to support employees going through the menopause.

Country Life, the quintessentially English weekly magazine, has launched a new monthly section called London Life.


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