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Catch up on the latest news outside of marketing and tech, including the latest updates from publications, broadcasters, gaming and more. Whether its a disruptive startup or a new development from one of the City's largest institutions, keep up-to-date with Prolific London.

The number of consumer mixed reality apps installed around the world will reach 10 billion by 2024, according to new research.

The TV and film production sector is experiencing a period of phenomenal growth, driven by demand for British content from Netflix and Amazon Prime, according to new data released today by Barclays Business Banking.

The Data & Marketing Association (DMA) has announced the launch of a series of new online learning tools.

Sky News said it plans to bring viewers the most comprehensive General Election coverage to date across all devices as the day when voters go to the polls has been confirmed by Parliament.

BBC Three is inviting independent production companies based in Northern Ireland to submit format ideas as part of a youth content development scheme.

Last year Google launched the '.new' format, allowing users to create new Google documents with a simple browser shortcut.

Netflix is set to become the first streaming platform to introduce an age rating system.

Profits at Google's parent company Alphabet have fallen by 23 per cent in the face of rising costs.

Music streaming platform Spotify had a better-than-expected third quarter, bringing in more paying subscribers than anticipated.

In a major change to its interface, Instagram is now forcing users to sign in in order to see public profiles.


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