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Catch up on the latest news outside of marketing and tech, including the latest updates from publications, broadcasters, gaming and more. Whether its a disruptive startup or a new development from one of the City's largest institutions, keep up-to-date with Prolific London.

Airbnb’s Future of Work report shows 77% of UK workers feel companies should provide more remote working options to attract talent.

London-based UK terrestrial TV channel, ITV said it has commissioned Carnival Films to produce a new drama called Belgravia from Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes.

Polemos, the shell company which recently bought Digitalbox Publishing for £10m, in a reverse takeover, has now bought London satirical news site, The Daily Mash, for £1.2m.

JOE's satirical Rees-Mogg music video

Following on from Theresa May crossed with Vanilla Ice, and Jose Mourinho as Ariana Grande, JOE has made another viral hit by merging Jacob and Jarvis.

London-based Fuller’s Brewery said it has sold its entire beer business to Japanese drinks maker Asahi for £250m.

Recipe kit provider, SimplyCook, has won £4.5m in funding to invest in sales and marketing and technology.

Global marketing managers from some of the world’s biggest companies are heading to the Swiss town of Davos for the 2019 annual World Economic Forum meeting.

A new survey has revealed that nearly three-quarters (74%) of London start-ups are founded by entrepreneurs born in the city.

London is one of the top 15 cities in the UK to start a small business

Jamie Lomas

A talent agency founded by former Hollyoaks and Eastenders actor Jamie Lomas has opened a new office at The Sharp Project in Manchester.


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