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Celebrating International Women’s Day in its centenary year, British Airways, has inivted 100 young women to its Global Learning Academy to inspire more girls to become commercial airline pilots.

Top global branding agency, fitch, has waded into the furore over the future of Debenhams, one of the UK’s most famous high street names.

Mental health startup, Spill, has raised €760,000 in seed funding to offer an affordable alternative for mental wellness.

Women around the world are marking International Women’s Day, which is taking ‘Balance for Better’ as its theme for this year.

The manufacturer taking gaming in a different direction, Nintendo, have today announced their new VR kit.

UK TV and film distribution firm, all3media international, has announced that it will integrate its existing systems with Barcelona-based KnoxMediaHub (KMH) - an informational technology firm offering cloud storage solutions.

UK building society, Nationwide, has invested £15m in a fintech startup called 10x Future Technologies, set up by former Barclays CEO, Antony Jenkins.

Ethical meat business, The Ethical Butcher, has just exceeded its fund-raising target of £350,000, securing the backing of 242 investors in a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube.

After more than 10 years, Flickr no longer requires users to log in using Yahoo credentials.

The Music Commission has made a number of tech-based recommendations in order to modernise the teaching of Music Education in England.


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