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Catch up on the latest news outside of marketing and tech, including the latest updates from publications, broadcasters, gaming and more. Whether its a disruptive startup or a new development from one of the City's largest institutions, keep up-to-date with Prolific London.

Corporate sponsors are withdrawing support from the Duke of York's charitable entrepreneurship scheme following last weekend's Newsnight programme.

Outernet London, the forthcoming "immersive media space" on Tottenham Court Road, will feature the largest LED screens by pixel density anywhere in the world.

The company behind TikTok is planning to take on Spotify and Apple with the launch of its own music streaming service.

Haynes Publishing, the UK firm famous for its car maintenance ‘how to’ manuals, has put itself up for sale.

ITV has confirmed details of its second General Election debate to which seven parties will be invited.

Mornings on ITV will be fully live from the start of 2020 under a new schedule shake-up announced today.

Lionel Barber, the long-time editor of the Financial Times, is to step down.

Twitter has today launched a draft policy on its treatment of deepfakes.

Deliveroo has launched a new service in which it doesn't deliver your food at all.

Brand ethics are an increasingly important factor amongst UK shoppers, according to new research.


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