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Catch up on the latest news outside of marketing and tech, including the latest updates from publications, broadcasters, gaming and more. Whether its a disruptive startup or a new development from one of the City's largest institutions, keep up-to-date with Prolific London.

Warner Music UK’s Synchronisation team - Liam Klimek, Laura Willoughby & Tim Miles - have launched Colour Cues, a music discovery aid which uses the psychological relationship between colour, mood and music to help clients find the right track for their creative content.

The brains behind British success stories Wallace & Gromit, and Peaky Blinders, are joining ambitious new projects led by industry leaders in the games and immersive entertainment sectors.

London-based global advertising, PR and marketing giant WPP has reported a fall in first quarter revenue, after the firm lost major clients in the US late last year.

ITV has commissioned a two-part series offering a unique insider view of the 700 year old institution that is the Duchy of Cornwall.

ITV has aired the latest film in its More Than TV brand advertising campaign, ‘TELEVISION’, which follows from the successful ‘Great Characters Make Great Drama’ films.

If you have a good head for figures, you might want to dust off your CV and revamp your LinkedIn page, because the search is on for Britain’s highest ranking banking official.

Global stock photography and media content platform Shutterstock has announced the renewal of its agreement with The Associated Press to distribute AP’s daily global photo output for license to customers based in the US, UK and Ireland.

A Grammy-nominated music producer has secured additional funding for his company offering technology to tackle digital piracy.

A new women-only car racing championship has given away its first broadcast rights in an attempt to secure brand sponsorship.

Barclays Mortgages has revealed how three in ten homeowners are now living in intergenerational homes, with likely causes being millennials moving back in with their parents and an increasingly ageing population.


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